Networked Production Gold

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A new software-based service from TRUMPF monitors critical laser data and provides maintenance recommendations to ensure laser process stability and high availability.

Smart Production

TruConnect is the digital networking technology from TRUMPF. The concept’s various modules support companies in their efforts to digitalize production. TruConnect services include consultation, fitting software solutions and subsequent implementation.

When it comes to networked production, data is gold. Proper data collection coupled with expert analysis is an effective means of boosting production. To this end, TRUMPF has developed a software package capable of intelligently monitoring laser systems: Condition Based Services. These are a modular component of TruConnect, the TRUMPF technology for networked production and Industry 4.0.

The new service evaluates sensor data to increase the technical availability and productivity of networked laser systems while identifying potential cost savings. Condition Based Services are composed primarily of the Factory Gate, Smart View Services and Condition Monitoring software modules.

An Intelligent Early Warning System

Factory Gate allows users to transmit selected and approved condition and process data from lasers and their connected sensors to TRUMPF technical service experts in an encrypted and secure fashion. Service experts can then use the second module, Condition Monitoring, to perform an algorithm-based trend analysis on the collected data to determine possible failure risks of the laser and reduce unplanned downtimes.


Sobald ein Laser droht auszufallen, schlägt Condition Monitoring Alarm. Illustration: TRUMPF

If, for instance, a laser is at risk of failure due to falling coolant levels or a dirty filter, the Condition Monitoring system will signal an alarm. These analyses and forecasts provide intelligent control over the maintenance and repair of the laser, guaranteeing high availability throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Everything at a Glance

The third module, Smart View Services, makes it easy to monitor all connected lasers by using graphical software interfaces (known as dashboards) to provide an overview display of their current status. Detailed information concerning the current utilization level of the lasers, upcoming repair and maintenance tasks, and changes to the laser programming is available at all times. This information makes it possible to better plan the use of the lasers and also provides a boost to productivity.


Laser status information can be sorted and clearly displayed on a variety of dashboards. Illustration: TRUMPF

Practical Data Collection

The Data Services module provides the means of storing a wide range of data, such as process data used in quality assurance. This allows manufacturers to clearly track laser-processed workpieces, as well as restore and reproduce manufacturing parameters as needed.

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